picmonkey-collageAmber’s life was everything that she could ever have dreamed of. She was happy, in love and living a comfortable life in a sweet little, coastal town in England. Yet dreams, like magic, fade when taunted… or cursed. An impulsive buy on her way home changes Amber’s life, sending her spiraling to the World of Shades, locked by ring and curse to be a slave to an evil man, Vossler – if he can find her.
Fate may have sent Amber far from her home, but it also gave her friends in this new, and dangerous, World. Taken in by Gina, an aging magic user with a secret curse of her own, and guided by Carlini, a beautiful White Mage with a heart of gold, Amber must find a way to shield herself from Vossler’s grasp while attempting to break an almost unbreakable curse. It is a journey of strength, determination and love, one that will test the very core of Amber’s soul and lead her to discoveries that may change all of their lives.