Even with the threat of Vossler behind them, the World of Shades poses a deep and disturbing threat to its dwellers.
After her friends break their curse and give Carlini hope for her own salvation, the young apprentice is sent to search for the ultra-powerful Zuiver Stones and promptly sets out to protect her world against Lestak’s nefarious plan of domination.
Her companion, Stafan, is a mind reader with an even more impossible curse to break. With a good number of powerful foes at her heels, Carlini must learn to trust Stafan, despite her hesitation at their growing attraction. Sneaking into the heart of Lestak’s castle seems an insurmountable task, but with a few good companions gathered along the way, and her fierce determination, Carlini must now show the World of Shades that no amount of darkness can dishearten her.
Can she stop Lestak from harnessing the power of the Zuiver Stones to rule the World of Shades and beyond? Or will she crumble under the weight of her impossible task? | Amazon UK